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Considering plastic surgery in Michigan? The philosophy of this plastic surgery practice is rather simple. My staff and I feel we must care about our patients. I have spent many years training and my wife and I have carefully selected my staff so we can offer beautiful results and the best service and experience. This practice is not devoted to my ego or the ego of my staff.


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Acne Therapy

Acne Treatment Stock ImageOver the course of the last decade, multiple therapies have been developed for treatment of acne and the scars resulting from the eruptions of acne.

As we have discussed earlier, Dr. Sampson has multiple regimens that are very useful in combating the scars resulting from acne. The therapies Dr. Sampson uses include the use of cosmeticeuticals available in the office. In addition, the therapies progress to the more aggressive treatments; chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and even the use of excision of deep scars or the injection of scars with dermal fillers. Dr. Sampson will plan individual therapies with each patient. You are encouraged to make an appointment today to begin the journey to a beautiful complexion.

In addition, to care of the acne scars, Thermage and lasers have been found to be quite effective in decreasing the breakouts of acne and reducing or eliminating the presence of the disfiguring problem. For patients who have failed medical treatment, Dr. Sampson looks forward to a consultation to discuss these new alternative therapies.

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