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Over the past few years cosmetic surgery has continued to expand and has become more popular. However there are segments of the spectrum of the procedures that are new and new and are particularly popular.

There has been quite a growth in procedures that require no significant postoperative recovery. These include various products including chemical peels and cosmetics used at home. These products were followed by BOTOX® Cosmetic, which could improve lines without surgery by slowing or stopping the movement of muscles under the skin. With lines that are deeper dermal fillers provide the ability to fill and expand the dermis under wrinkles. Dermal fillers include products like collagen, Zyderm, Zyplast and Restylane. New products are added to this list almost daily.

The use of Lasers has added greatly to the treatment of facial or skin deformities. The Yag laser currently in use in our office provides multiple modalities for care of veins to the leg or face. It can also be used for laser skin rejuvenation to improve the appearance of skin and reduce or eliminate wrinkles. All these treatments are without “downtime” and minimal or no discomfort.

Recently we have added “Thermage” to our practice; this new procedure employs a patented radio frequency technology called “thermacool”. This technique tightens and gently lifts the skin and helps to smooth wrinkles and improve facial contours. The process heats the collagen in the deeper layers of skin and underlying tissue. The outer layer of skin is protected by cooling. The thermal energy causes the deeper structures to tighten producing the effect. The results are seen usually in 6-9 months and last over 2 years.

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