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Lansing Area Breast Enhancement – More Than Just Implants

Breast enhancement is no longer just about size. Whether they want a more dramatic look or a more “normal” breast shape, more women in Michigan are choosing breast enhancement to lift, reduce, and reshape their breasts.

Jackson, Michigan (December 2009) – Larger breasts may always be “in style,” but in Lansing and Ann Arbor, breast enhancement is about more than just implants. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Sampson says he is seeing a higher demand for procedures like breast lift and breast reduction, as well as combinations surgeries to correct asymmetrical breasts.

“Breast augmentation used to be all about volume, but I think at this point we’ve started to move beyond that and focus more on larger issues like balance and symmetry,” he says. “These days breast asymmetry is a concern that’s driving women to seek out breast enhancement, and augmentation will sometimes play a role in correcting that, but it’s not always the main priority.”

Over 90 percent of women experience some form of breast asymmetry, and while genetics causes many of the more dramatic imbalances in shape and size, Dr. Sampson says a large percentage of his patients from Ann Arbor and Lansing choose breast enhancement to address much subtler problems.

“Even small differences in the position of the nipple or the shape of the breast mound can negatively affect a woman’s self-confidence,” he notes. “Michigan breast augmentation patients often talk with me about the impact that a size change can have on their body image, but with a lift or reduction the benefits can be just as dramatic.”

Asymmetry correction surgery options can be customized to the needs and goals of the patient, but some of the most popular approaches involve a breast lift, a procedure that elevates the breast mound by tightening loose skin below and around the nipple. The procedure is versatile enough to correct mild or severe sagginess, and can be performed in conjunction with augmentation or reduction.

“Lift procedures can correct many different problems at once, which I think is why we’re seeing so much interest in them right now,” says Dr. Sampson. “A lift will elevate and reshape the breast mound, but it can also help reposition the nipple and give the breast a firmer, denser feel, and for many women that’s very important.”

Breast reduction always involves some level of lift since larger breasts naturally tend to sag more quickly, but Dr. Sampson is also noticing renewed interest in breast lift paired with augmentation. This combined surgical option is far more complex than a lift or augmentation alone, meaning women should take the time to choose an Ann Arbor, Jackson, or Lansing plastic surgeon who is skilled in this advanced technique

Dr. Sampson believes that the new focus on lift and reduction procedures marks a trend away from size-focused enhancements and toward better patient awareness of the importance of balance and proportionality over cup size.

“We’re seeing a new generation of younger patients who feel comfortable with the concept of plastic surgery, and some of them are approaching it more thoughtfully and carefully from the beginning,” he says. “Size can still be key to a more balanced look, but in recent years many more of my patients are thinking in terms of shape, position and overall beauty.”

About John Sampson, M.D.

Dr. John Sampson provides women from Ann Arbor to Lansing with breast enhancement as well as other plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction and face lifts. Request a consultation with Dr. Sampson to learn more about these or any of his other cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options.

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