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For Breast Augmentation in Michigan, Patients Choosing Silicone over Saline

The FDA re-approved silicone breast implants in 2006, but at least one Michigan breast augmentation surgeon continues to see a rise in the number of women who are choosing silicone gel implants over saline, as well as the number of women who are “trading out” their saline implants for silicone.

Detroit, Michigan (October 2008) – A breast augmentation surgeon in Michigan is finding that more women prefer the look and feel of silicone gel implants over saline implants when deciding on breast enlargement. Dr. John Sampson is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of breast enhancement procedures for Detroit and Ann Arbor women each year at his practice, Argyle Plastic Surgery.

“At my practice, ‘gummy bear’ silicone gel implants are significantly favored over saline,” says Dr. Sampson. “In addition to women choosing silicone implants for primary breast augmentation, I have seen a number of patients who are interested in replacing their existing saline implants with silicone gel models.”

Dr. Sampson’s observations are in line with new research showing that as many as 95 percent of women in the United States and Europe prefer silicone implants over saline. With similar safety profiles, the preference mostly comes down to the fact that silicone implants look and feel more like breast tissue.

“A more ‘natural’ look and feel is a central concern for women in Michigan who are considering breast enhancement,” adds Dr. Sampson. “The current generation silicone gel implants have been subjected to over a decade of intense medical review to fully investigate implant safety. The changes made to the ‘gummy bear’ implants mean that the silicone filling holds together well if punctured, torn or cut, so there is very low risk of silicone leakage or migration into other parts of the body.”

As a surgeon performing breast augmentation in Michigan, Dr. Sampson encourages his patients to feel and compare samples of both kinds of implants during their consultation, before they make a decision about implant preference. Many women find that saline implants feel less like their existing breast tissue than the more cohesive “gummy bear” implants, which avoid the sloshing or rippling that can occur with saline implants.

“Silicone implants have a more consistent texture and respond to your body movements in a more natural way than saline,” Dr. Sampson says. “For many women, that is an extremely important factor. But there are still reasons why a woman should consider saline breast implants, and I help each woman weigh these considerations during her consultation. A natural, comfortable feel is highly important, but so is long-term satisfaction with your breast implant choice.”

Breast implant type is just one of many decisions that need to be made for a successful breast augmentation. In addition to implant volume, women also need to consider incision and implant placement. Dr. Sampson can place incisions on the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple), at the bottom of the breast in the intramammary fold, or in the armpit. He places implants above or below the pectoral muscle based on a patient’s existing anatomy and desired appearance post-surgery.

“By considering a number of factors and carefully weighing their options – including implant type – patients at my practice can create their ideal look through breast enlargement in Detroit or Jackson, Michigan,” says Dr. Sampson.

About John Sampson, M.D.

Dr. Sampson provides women from Ann Arbor to Detroit with breast enlargement as well as other plastic surgery procedures such as breast lift and breast reduction. Request a consultation with Dr. Sampson to learn more about these or any of his other cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options.

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