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As the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery has developed over the past decade, it has become clear that many deformities were not corrected by surgical procedures alone. New therapies have been developed to treat the deformities of aging and sun exposure.

Dr. Sampson makes these therapies available in the CMS Skin Care Center located in his office in Jackson, MI. IN the Skin Care Center are treatment regimens to care for a variety of skin problems. Including fine lines, dark skin spots, and uneven complexions. As new therapies have been developed, many types of lasers have been found useful in treating loose skin, sagging skin, and even cellulite. At CMS Skin Care Center, we have the full range of available and up to date technology that is able to improve the skin, remove unwanted hair, and remove veins to the legs. Please make an appointment to see our wonderful esthetician and laser technician so you too can begin the road to a new beautiful you. To schedule an appointment for this Medical Day Spa in Jackson MI Call Dr. Sampson today.

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