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BOTOX® cosmetic is a remarkable product that very effectively removes or reduces frown lines to the face. The frown lines are caused by two muscles of the forehead. As the muscles contract, they will pull the skin together, as time progresses, the repeated contraction produces lines to the skin.

BOTOX® is FDA approved to stop those muscle contractions and helps to take away the wrinkles. The procedure requires a few well-placed injections (that are usually painless), administered in Dr. Sampson’s office in Jackson, Michigan. Our patient’s can usually return to work without down time.

The side effects have been quite limited and includes headache, a temporary respiratory infection, nausea, and a temporary eyelid drooping. However, these untoward results have been largely overshadowed by the remarkable results and the happy patient’s and treating physicians. Choose a well-qualified, well-trained physician or surgeon, as Dr. Sampson and you too will fall in love with the result BOTOX® creates. Call Dr. Sampson to set up a consultation for Botox in Jackson, Michigan.

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