Buttock Augmentation in Jackson Michigan

Shaping the human body has been an interest in medicine and fashion for many centuries. In the past, the ability to shape or contour the body has been limited to the use of tight garments. However, the past few decades new advances in the field of plastic surgery has increased our ability to change and contour the human body, abdomen, torso, and buttocks in Jackson Michigan.

A significant advance has been the development and perfecting of the use of liposuction to contour the torso. Now, new techniques are available to improve the contour of the buttocks, by addition of tissue or by placement of implants.

There are currently three major techniques available for Brazilian buttock lift augmentation and body contouring. The three techniques are buttock augmentation with a silicone implant, buttock augmentation with use of an injectable implants e.g. PMMA, and the third and most popular technique is the use of one’s own fat, usually called a “Brazilian Butt Lift”.

This board certified plastic surgeon in Jackson Michigan and his staff are skilled at performing all these body contouring procedures at his Jackson and Lansing, Michigan offices. He offers each patient a free consultation to evaluate each patient and make recommendations based on each patient’s anatomy and wishes.

Brazilian Butt Augmentation with Silicone Implants

Silicone implants have been used for the past four decades for the augmentation of the female and male breasts. These implants have now been contoured to produce an improvement in the buttock (gluteal) area.

Dr. Sampson has had tremendous experience with the use of silicone and saline butt implants for augmentation and reshaping the body for both cosmetic and reconstruction. The surgical techniques for buttock augmentation in Jackson Michigan is fairly, straight forward and usually involves a single midline scar that heals very well and is not very visible. The brazilian butt lift procedure is usually done under a general anesthesia to control pain.


The postoperative recovery is usually well tolerated. Pain is well controlled with medications by mouth. Sitting can be done the day of surgery but it is preferred to limit prolonged sitting for one week and sleeping on the stomach as much as possible. A garment is worn for one month. Patients can usually return to work in one to two weeks.

Possible Complications

Like all surgical procedures, complications are possible. Fortunately, they are however very rare. They include bleeding, or hematoma (a collection of blood) around the implant, infection of the implant, and capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is a hardening of the scar and/or tissue around the implant. It is also possible to have nerve injury or irritation of the sciatic nerve. This condition is extremely rare, as the implant is placed significantly higher than the nerve’s position.


Butt Implants produce a significant change or enlargement in buttock contour with one operation. It is a good choice of procedure for all patients, but especially for patients who do not have a significant source of body fat or those who seek a large augmentation in one surgical procedure.

Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer
The Brazilian Butt Lift in Jackson Michigan

It seems almost too good to be true, but it is true. Call Dr. Sampson soon to see the magic of a Brazilian Butt Lift, in his Jackson or Lansing, Michigan office. Dr. Sampson can move fat from areas where you want it. Fat can be moved from your abdomen and hips and it is then placed in the buttocks.

Injected fat will not all survive but after three months, the remaining tissue will be permanent. The technique that allows the greatest amount of fat to survive is a layering of droplets of fat in the tissue close to the blood supply. This technique also helps to produce a smooth, more rounded, beautiful buttock, without irregularities at the skin level.

The most common areas that fat is harvested is from the abdomen, but there are times when the tissue is removed from the hips, flanks, or thighs. In those procedures, both the buttock and the donor site are improved with surgery.


The Brazilian Butt Lift or fat transfer can be done with general anesthesia or under local with or without sedation. The technique and the amount of fat is different for each patient and of course the surgical results are improved with the artistic reshaping of the buttock that Dr. Sampson does in his Michigan office.


Patients are asked to wear a compression garment for 2-4 weeks after surgery. There is usually not a lot of pain, and the discomfort is well controlled with oral pain medication. It is possible to sit down on the day of surgery, but postoperative patients are asked to refrain from prolonged sitting for the first week, after that week, they may return to the usual routine. The use of PMMA does not require an operating room and/or anesthesia. The technique therefore does not require downtime.


The procedure can be done without general anesthesia, lessening the preoperative morbidity. The complications of the procedure are very rare, as they are in liposuction procedures, bleeding, hematoma (bleeding underneath the skin), seroma (fluid underneath the skin) are rare. Infections are also possible but are prevented by preoperative and postoperative antibiotics. Re-absorption of fat is possible but usually 75% to 90% of the fat will remain after injection. There is a natural swelling of the surgical area, immediately postoperatively. This swelling will resolve in the first week of surgery. This is not fat absorption but just normal healing. The results present after three months usually describe the permanent changes. The use of injections for buttock augmentation and reconstruction has been used in Brazil and South America.

Butt Augmentation with PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate)

Over the past decades, there has been much interest in developing a technique of buttock augmentation with an injectable implant. There has been a variety of products used for injectable augmentation of the buttocks and other parts of the body. The increased volume of patients with severe lipoatrophy e.g. HIV, has created quite a need for these techniques.

However, implanted dermal fillers have not been successful until very recently. The types of filler that have not been successful include, liquid silicone oil and Polyacrylamide Hydrogels, and many of these have been found to be associated with complications and have been removed from the market.

PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) has been one of the oldest materials used in medical applications. It has been used as a bone cement since 1936. Medical grade PMMA, when injected in human tissue does not exhibit the complications seen in other aforementioned, non-absorbable materials.

It was reformulated and introduced in Europe as Arteplast in 1991. Another formulation, Artefil, was approved in the USA by the FDA for use in the nasolabial folds, but cost too much for large area injection like the buttocks. The PMMA material has been again reformulated to a new product, a product called “New Plastic”. Both products are registered and approved in Brazil and much of South America and Mexico.

In particular, Dr. Almir Nawl and his associates have had extensive use of intramuscular and subfascial PMMA graft. This product, which has had extensive clinical use in the face, torso and buttocks, has not been approved by the FDA for use in the United States. I has been used to augment the faces, torso, and buttocks of multiple winners of the Ms. Brazil and Ms Argentina beauty contests. Reportedly, even a first place winner of the Ms. Universe contest was “assisted” with the use of New Plastic.

Jackson Michigan plastic surgeon now has the product, New Plastic available to English speaking patients from the USA, Europe and the UK in his beautiful office complex in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

He has studied with Dr. Nawl and is now available to provide care for all patients with New Plastic. Both patients for cosmetic buttock augmentation and patients interested in a reconstructive procedure for muscle and tissue wasting associated with HIV.

The cosmetic results in both cosmetic and reconstructive patients are quite beautiful. The procedure does not require an operating room or general anesthesia. Patients who have had their procedure can resume their activities following the injection. Jackson Michigan board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sampson encourages his patients not to be involved in heavy, physical activities following the Brazilian Butt Lift for about one week, but normal activities can be resumed in twenty-four hours.


Dr. Sampson has multiple techniques available for buttock augmentation. These procedures can be performed in his Jackson or Lansing, Michigan office, or the beautiful island of Jamaica in wonderful Montego Bay, where the cool winds and warm sun are a welcome relief from the winters of the North. Please contact Dr. Sampson or his associate to arrange a free consultation. Travel arrangements can be easily made and the advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques will be discussed. Call this Jackson Michigan board certified plastic surgeon today.

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