Breast Implant Options

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If you’re seriously considering breast augmentation in Michigan but you are confused about all the options, don’t worry. If you’re concerned that after your procedure you’ll look like you have water balloons on your chest, don’t be. When you choose Dr. Sampson as your doctor, you’ll be working with a board certified, Johns Hopkins-trained plastic surgeon. He’ll ask you about your ideas and dreams, he’ll acquaint you with the information you need to consider, then he’ll choose the implant that will give you a beautiful, natural result.

If you’re ready to meet Dr. Sampson and discuss all the choices, request an appointment to come to our office in Jackson, Michigan for a breast augmentation consultation today.

Silicone vs. Saline

You may have heard about the recent FDA approval of silicone breast implants, and like many in Lansing, Ann Arbor and other Michigan cities, you may be wondering whether silicone or saline filling is best for you. Dr. Sampson is experienced with both and he’s very well acquainted with the pros and cons of each type of filling.

Although the FDA restricted the use of silicone implants in 1992 until more studies could be done, most plastic surgeons have always been enthusiastic about them. Silicone is a very safe material to use inside the body, having been a major ingredient in other medical devices such as artificial joints for decades. Praised by patients and plastic surgeons in Michigan, silicone implants look and feel natural.

With its re-approval of silicone filling in 2006, the FDA included a recommendation that patients have MRI scans periodically. Should a shell rupture, the silicone filling is not likely to migrate outside the breast, thus the FDA has termed this possibility a “silent rupture.” The FDA feels that women should be prepared for periodic exams to check for leaks.

Hundreds of thousands of women across the country have received saline implants in the past several years. The filling is easily and safely absorbed by the body if a shell ruptures, and because the device deflates, it’s easy to tell when this has occurred. The disadvantages of saline implants are largely cosmetic. Some patients believe they don’t look and feel like natural breast tissue.

Other Breast Implant Choices for Michigan Women

Naturally, size is another decision that will be of great importance to you. If you’ve done some research, you may feel more confused than when you started. Manufacturers measure and describe their products in terms of centimeters (cm), cubic centimeters (cc), and “projection” from the chest wall, not in cup sizes. Therefore, no patient is expected to be able to choose by herself. You need to work with an expert like Dr. Sampson who will listen carefully to your goals, evaluate individual factors—such as your existing breast tissue, chest measurements, and skin tone—and decide which product will give you the beautiful results you’re seeking.

In your research you may have run across other considerations such as shell material (textured or smooth). And you may have read about various techniques for breast augmentation in Michigan such as incision placement. Come in and meet Dr. Sampson, and he’ll help you make sense of all the information and understand which choices will lead to a perfect fit for you.

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