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Following weight-loss, many of us find significant changes in the contours and sagging of our bodies. In some patients, these weight-loss results are due to diet or exercise. In other patients, these changes in weight are a result of Bariatric surgery other medical weight loss regimens.

However the technique, Dr. Sampson in Jackson, Michigan can provide the procedures that will significant improve the contours and skin of weight-loss and Bariatric patients in Michigan. Call him today so you can begin the road to the new attractive body we all want.


With the epidemic rise of obesity in the USA with the associated medical complications. There has been the realization that medical and surgical technique should be devoted to assist patients in weight control. Both medical techniques, appetite suppression, and regimens of diet and exercise have been developed. Surgical techniques have become very popular and many of Dr. Sampson’s patients in Michigan have undergone, surgical procedures to limit food intake and reduce weight.

The change in weight produced by Bariatric surgery does produce signs that changes in the contour of the body including sagging skin and deformities in particular areas of the body. Dr. Sampson’s post Bariatric patients in Michigan have deformities in the extremities, the arms, legs and thighs, the torso including the abdomen.

The best way to find out what Dr. Sampson can do for you; as he has done for patients from Lansing, Jackson, Ann Arbor, and other cities of Michigan is to call and make your appointment today. Dr. Sampson in his South Central Michigan office will carefully evaluate your problems, answer your questions, and make an individualized plan for you. Please call today.

The procedures used to treat sagging skin are generally called body lifts. Each area of concern has procedures designed to correct the sagging skin or irregular contours of that particular area.

The areas of concern are classified by the region of the body.

The Abdominal Area

  • Including the sides and lower back
  • Buttock area

The buttocks can become low and flat and poorly contoured.

The Groin

There may be hooding over the pubic area and laxity of or looseness of the skin of the inner thighs.

The Thighs

The thighs may develop sagging in the inner, outer, and posterior thigh producing a deformity in all areas.

The Arms

The upper arms are an area of a significant deformity after weight-loss. This deformity is called a “Batwing Deformity” is an area of great concern for Dr. Sampson’s patients.

Surgical Techniques

Dr. Sampson treats post weight-loss patients and post Bariatric surgical patients in his Jackson, Michigan office surgical suite. He sees weight-loss patients from Jackson, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and surrounding cities of Michigan. Many of his patients have achieved weight-loss through surgical therapy, but with his new weight-loss clinic, Dr. Sampson finds many patients who have achieved weight-loss by diet and exercise.

Dr. Sampson prefers to perform the surgical procedures of body lifting in patients who have achieved a stable weight and who are in good health with any medical conditions. Some patients are not good candidates for outpatient surgical procedures due to other health or the extent of operative procedures planned. In the case of these patients, the local hospital is available for their care.

Surgical body lifts improve the shape and tone of the skin by removing both excess skin and fatty tissue. In many cases, the skin and fat excision may be combined with liposuction in Michigan to achieve the desired results.

The technique involves the excision of excess skin and fatty tissue. The incisions are carefully placed to allow wearing of bathing suits to hide the surgical scars. The remaining skin is closed tightly. This lifts the area of concern and re-contours the body to make a youthful, pleasant appearance.

Make your appointment today. Dr. Sampson will evaluate each patient and area of concern and develop an individualized plan of care. The abdomen is a common area where most of Dr. Sampson’s Michigan weight-loss patients begin. This procedure can be done as a distinct procedure or combined with other operative areas to completed the makeover.

Risks and Complications

As in all surgical procedures, there are risks associated with body lift surgery. Dr. Sampson in his initial evaluation of his Michigan weight-loss patients will stress to patients, the importance of ongoing exercise and good nutrition. He will also evaluate the medical status of the post Bariatric patients to make sure the operative candidate is at his or her best health. This type of evaluation helps Dr. Sampson avoid many complications in the group of weight-loss patients form Southern Michigan, including patients from Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Lansing, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo.

The other risks Dr. Sampson works hard at preventing are blood clots, pneumonia, and wound breakdown or dehiscence. Of course, the usual post-operative issues like bleeding, infection, risks of anesthesia and thickened and hypertrophic scars are avoided as much as possible, but treated aggressively if they occur.

Call Dr. Sampson today so he can begin his pre-operative evaluation so you too can have a new beautiful body.


Recovery from post Bariatric surgery depends on the type and extent of surgical procedure accomplished. Dr. Sampson, during his discussion of goals and pre-operative plan will review in an individualized fashion of the recovery time required.

The initial healing will include swelling at the surgical site. There will be associated discomfort, which will be controlled with medication. It is important that no lifting, severe bending, or sexual activity be done within the first week of surgery. Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Sampson will stress the importance of walking after surgery. Walking significantly minimizes the risks of blood clots and other complications associated with breathing.

Sutures are removed in the first seven to ten days and some patients may return to work in two weeks in limited procedures like abdominoplasties. For other more extensive procedures, the healing may take up to three or four weeks before patients are allowed back to work. Dr. Sampson will review the surgical plans in detail during consultation and will discuss the time off work needed for each individual patient.

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