Wellness Clinic

Wellness Clinic

Wellness generally refers to the state of being healthy and having a feeling of well being. Dr. Sampson, as he has sought to make his patients more attractive and to counter the effects of aging, has developed or has better understood the need to treat a patient from the inside out.

Therefore, as he has treated patients over these many years, Dr. Sampson integrates some personal lessons in his discussion of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sampson’s focus is rather simple and straightforward:

  • Prevention
  • Eliminate Smoking
  • Treatment and management of chronic diseases
  • Weight management
  • Integration of exercise into a life routine
  • Proper diet and nutrition

These five basics serve as the building blocks of a state of physical wellness that is manifested in a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle. More advanced topics as the use of nutritional supplement, vitamins, etc. and the use of hormonal replacement are currently not an active part of the wellness clinic in Jackson, Michigan. However, referrals can be made if requested.

Dr. Sampson has developed an exclusive diet, he calls the cosmetic diet that uses Diet suppressants initially to reduce food intake. This is followed by dietary recommendations that serve to make lifestyle changes in our patients so they can find a way to eat themselves to weight loss and good health. Dr. Sampson produces counseling on the important integration of exercise, especially constant pleasant exercise into their routine of life. He has seen personally, the incredible effect exercise has in improvement of the mind and body, and the effects on improving the skin and the quality of life.

These adjuncts are a very important addition to cosmetic surgical care providing long term and life changing recommendations to our patients in Jackson, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, and Lansing. Call today and begin your journey to a beautiful body, inside and out and the joy that comes with it. Call Dr. Sampson today.

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